Day Eight: Hotel Transylvania (March of the Movies 2023)

So far this month, I’ve seen a fair number of films that have challenged me, enraptured me with intellectually stimulating obscurity, and glistened with great acting performances. What better way to ruin that than by watching Hotel Transylvania?

People who like this film, I apologize. It’s not really that bad. That bad…

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Thoughts on Berserk Boy (Steam Next Fest 2022 Demo)

Here’s a game I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. Berserk Boy, a Mega Man X-inspired blast of energy, has all the makings of the video game equivalent to high quality anime fantasy battles. Flashy and speedy, a single trailer was all it took to get me onboard—the nods to games of old was just the kicker. Now with about an hour of time under my belt, I’ve acquired a good taste of what to expect.

Quick structure disclaimer: Given this (and all the others) is only a demo, I won’t be too in-depth with my coverage, and will only reflect on the good and the bad. No overly long personal history or filibuster. No nonsense. That said, I will provide a synopsis for the game below.

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Day Twenty-Six: Blinkende lygter (March of the Movies 2022)

Today’s post will also be somewhat on the short side. Reason being is that I wish to write a second post to go out hopefully later tonight, if not tomorrow morning.

Blinkende lygter, or Flickering Lights in English, is a film I discovered while looking through the filmography of Mads Mikkelsen. I did state that I wished to expand my film-viewing choices to that of things outside the English language—how about Danish? This had solid reviews and, again, featured Mikkelsen, an actor I respect. Sure, I’ll give it a shot.

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Thoughts on Kemono Jihen

My desire to view Kemono Jihen came upon reading a post by Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime, who seemed to really enjoy this series and painted it in a way that would have me enjoy it, as well. I had not heard of this prior to then (shows how out of the anime scene I’ve become), but the premise seemed appealing enough. Has somewhat middling ratings on MyAnimeList, however, which gave me some pause (and further intrigue). What was I to make of it?

Turns out, the anime would not let me decide without a fight!

WARNING: This post will contain mild plot spoilers.

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S (Merry Days of Anime 2021)

To start the festivities off, I wanted to go with something recent. It’s no secret that my commitment to anime has been very, very aloof in recent years, so I wanted to take a small sample of what current selections had to offer. While searching through options, I was met with Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S, which I had actually forgotten about. I quite liked its first season and it had just finished airing in late September. Perfect choice!

Still, doubt lingered. I viewed its first season back in 2017, shortly before it finished airing on television. The time between then and now is rather great—I’m not the same person I was then, nor did I have the mental capacity to recall the more intimate details of the series. Watching the second season was both a desire to see how the series would proceed and a test to see if its pleasant nature still appealed to present me. How does it fare?

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Entries from the Dead: Runway de Waratte

runway de waratte cover

They say that everyone loves an underdog. The come-from-nowhere, chip-on-their-shoulder, hard-working specimens that find success through hell and back. Disadvantages are their crux; doubt only entices them to try harder. These kinds of stories make up the plot of many sports stories, specifically, but also make for delectable drama in other ventures arbitrarily created by humanity for the sake of it. Such vapid appeal also comes in the form of runway modeling, which if not for the sake of allowing people to express themselves, would be one of the most superficial and arrogantly obnoxious things in the known world, in my opinion. Continue reading “Entries from the Dead: Runway de Waratte”

Top 10 Least Favorite Pokémon

least favorite pokemon post cover

Ah, memories. I remember quite fondly the days when I would spend hours everyday on Pokémon Ruby in my youth. Even Pokémon games that I would eventually come to find quite uneven (fourth gen and onward) provide a warm feeling of nostalgia when I peek at gameplay footage anywhere around the internet. A few years ago for my blog’s three-year anniversary, I looked at my favorite Pokémon ever (which is slightly outdated; for example, Dunsparce is now my favorite Pokémon). Today, we will strike the balance between light and dark by looking at my least favorite pokémon ever… but not before a few disclaimers. Continue reading “Top 10 Least Favorite Pokémon”