Entry #4: Inu x Boku SS

Oh, how sad. The wittle girl puts on a front because she grew up in a household that left her wonewy. Ho-hum. And now, through reasons unknown, she’s placed in a mansion with other people like her to… uh, live in a slice of life manner? And to assist her, she gets this multi-color-eyed bishie to swoon her over with his perfection. What will result from this? Nothing.

Upon finishing the series, I read in the comments section from a user who apparently NEEDED to make it clear that the anime didn’t follow the manga, and the ending to the manga was a lot more grim in nature. Hrmm. Reading that, I’m both disappointed and relieved. The way this story went, I didn’t care enough for the characters to have me sit through episode upon episode of melodrama. Then again, with how carefree this anime seemed, it was really hard to take anything seriously anyway… or pay attention. Inu x Boku SS is just one of those anime that don’t really stand out. The premise is interesting, albeit convoluted, and its progression is always either in park or neutral. Not to mention, they never really explain any of the characters’ situations. They just expect the viewer to take everything at face value and go with it.

Okay, allow me to explain every character in vivid detail; Ririchiyo is almost a carbon copy of that one bitch from OreImo, except with a darker past. Butler guy is a perfect bishie with a dark past because why not? Every other character is an archetype with no background whatsoever. We only get snippets of their life, but no real development. Once again, face value. None of these characters are particularly “enjoyable,” but I found myself enamored with certain characters just for the sake of personality. Specifically, the dandere and the eccentric bunny jokester. All the rest of them could be killed by a giant monster and I wouldn’t really care.

Inu x Boku SS is so bland, its art is almost a necessity. With as hard as it was to really pay attention, the art did everything it could. However, it wasn’t enough. It’s typical for its time, perhaps a little shinier with the eyes. There’s really not much going for it, as it barely had any time to showcase any battle or transformation scenes. Y’know, it being a more slice of life vibed show. A lot like Inu x Boku SS’s plot, it’s just there.

My buddy gave this series a ten and proclaimed it as his all-time favorite anime. I don’t see it. It just looks kinda nice, with archetypal characters and a plot that doesn’t really go anywhere. I’d be nicer on the plot if it were a slice of life, but it kind of isn’t. But it is. It likes to make itself seem like one, but it’s not. But it could be. This is where the “convoluted” term comes into play. It’s just bland.

Personal Score: C-

Critical Score: C-