Thoughts on Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (Explicit?)

I can honestly say that I enjoyed this anime. Until the last episode. Seeing as this is anime, I’m sure anyone familiar with the medium can guess what happens, right? If you guessed “Everything becomes exceedingly dramatic,” you would be correct. What would an anime be without those ending dramatics?

Y’know, for as stupid as this anime is, it actually does a lot more with its story and characters than most. Sure, the characters (for the most part) are archetypes and gag material, but some of them actually feel genuine… for the time that they’re given to feel that way. This anime’s pacing is incredibly bizarre, much like the series in its entirety. There will be a few episodes of what is essentially filler, followed by an episode that develops a certain character. Sometimes it lasts the whole episode, sometimes it lasts only a few minutes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. To give this anime credit, it actually does work sometimes. I like these characters for more than their base personalities.

Okay fine, it’s just the tsundere.

Kimiaru 1

Nevertheless, I feel that most of these characters aren’t just archetypes. Some are more than others, but when you have 700 characters, it’s likely that some won’t see the light of day compared to more major characters.

Kimiaru is a bit of a parody anime. It references a wide variety of popular anime titles such as Haruhi, Fate/Stay Night, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z (Who doesn’t?), and JoJo. Along with these references come unnatural feats of human capability such as building-hopping, shooting energy spheres, using the force, showing women’s nipples, and creating robots that have human personalities. This series is beyond stupid; it’s completely senseless. To enjoy this anime would be to enjoy all the gag humor, archetypal character tropes, and unrealistic sexual situations that Japanese media is famous for. And I did. Miraculously, I did. It just had a good groove about it; a certain uninhibited stretch of complete and total insanity that flaunted itself without disgrace. It was neither so bad that no one could take it seriously nor so serious that everyone should take it seriously. Seriously. I think that may be what I liked about it. It felt a lot like Ladies versus Butlers, in a way. Then again, both of these series showed uncensored tits, so maybe there’s an ulterior motive at play here.

The biggest issue with this anime (other than its stupidity) is conflicting atmospheres. Remember that whole “exceedingly dramatic” comment I stated above? Based on what I’ve told you thus far, would this seem like an anime that could flourish under dark and gritty pretenses? If your answer was anything along the lines of “No,” you would be correct again. One more and you could win the prize of being a knowledgeable weeb. Kimiaru, unfortunately, tries to incorporate a traumatic background for the main character. This comes to light more as the series draws to the end, and is resolved exactly how one would expect it. I won’t give it away, but will only hint that it’ll “blow you away.”

Colonel using the force.
Colonel using the force.

Oh, look. Art. I wonder what I’ll talk about fi—

The tits were kinda odd. Sometimes they looked appealing, other times the nipples looked like pink dots on a white canvas. In fact, sometimes a female character’s chest (the tsundere’s) looked just like a blank slate; no lines or anything to distinguish depth or creases or anything. Like looking at wood with strawberry yogurt dripped lightly on two spots. It didn’t do much for me, not that I cared to stare at them whenever they were on screen while completely ignoring whatever the characters were saying because it never mattered anyway.

Besides the tits, the overall canvas that is Kimiaru was a bit dull. Nothing really stood out other than characters with vivid hair colors or the aforementioned litter of tits. The animation was a little peculiar, though, especially when showcasing gags or supernatural actions. I guess for that purpose, it served well enough for me to enjoy it, but it’s not exactly fine art otherwise. If the male character with no presence wants to be noticed, why doesn’t he just shave his head or something? You won’t stand out in a mansion of women when you look like a woman.

That was completely random. I apologize.

I don't even know.
I don’t even know.

An enjoyably stupid title. They’re surprisingly hard to come by, now-a-days. I may have rated this anime higher had the ending not been so cringeworthy. Serious and stupid do not mix. When they do, it’s either unbearable or unbearably funny. Kimiaru had a good thing going (good as in subjectively, not objectively) with its ratio of stupid to slightly serious. It had a nice amount of unrealistic situations complimented by situations that could be realistic in certain scenarios. It just tried to tame its wild antics with cliche drama, rushed resolutions, and moral brownie points. It killed the experience of an otherwise generally humorous show. Oh well. It’s anime.

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