Ranking The Oscars 2022 Best Picture Candidates

Last year, I spoke about how, initially, the nominees for Best Picture seemed pretty solid, but the opportunity to watch all of them proved to be lackluster. This year was kind of the opposite. At first, the nominees seemed very… we’ll say “odd” to me. Then, after viewing most of them, I’ve come around on them more than last year’s batch. It’s more consistently solid, though perhaps not entirely sensational.

Note that I said I saw most of them this year. Unlike last year, I did not have the same opportunity to see every nominee. As of writing, I have not seen Licorice Pizza (which, to me, seems like the frontrunner), CODA, or Belfast. As such, they will not appear on this list. Should that ruin this ranking for you, by all means, close the tab.

As frequent readers are aware, I did view a few Best Picture nominees during my currently continuing March of the Movies block, so I will simply link to those reviews for extended thoughts. All other extended thoughts on individual films will have links to their parent sources. (I believe I have reviews for all of them somewhere.)

And if, for whatever reason, you with to see prior years’ rankings, you can see my 2018, 2019, and 2020 lists before this one. (The 2021 list is linked in the first two words.)

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Day Twenty: King Richard (March of the Movies 2022)

Tennis is a sport I’ve never really cared to follow. Yet because it falls under the category of “sport,” I’m intrigued, nonetheless. As I’ve grown, I’ve become more at terms with the fact that, despite only really caring enough about football to actively participate in its leagues, I actually do like sports in general. Because what tends to interest me more than the competition is the competitors.

Take Cinderella Man, at one point my favorite film of all time. It is, on the surface, a boxing film. A rags to riches (though technically riches to rags and then back to riches) story about a guy who’s good at fighting. What worth that has to me, though, is the character behind the fighting—what he has to go through, to sacrifice, to get back on top. So really, no matter the sport, I simply enjoy what it brings out in people. Enter King Richard.

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