Thoughts on Ladies versus Butlers! (Explicit)

I initially dropped this anime because it contained tits. It wasn’t really a personal conundrum, it was just that I couldn’t watch it in front of my family, so I disregarded it. For some reason, I never took advantage of the fact that my family is in possession of a free laptop. It’s funny how this was completely unaware to me for almost two years time. I finished watching this anime in two days after picking it back up. It wasted so much time on the Dropped/On-Hold list!

Onto the anime; it wasn’t terrible. Surprisingly, it wasn’t terrible. It holds a sort of unique charm to it… it’s about as convoluted as Mayo Chiki!, with the same sort of parodied appeal as Baka-Test. It’s beyond ridiculous, and it’s well aware of that fact, so it doesn’t try to do anything spectacular with itself.

Okay, so we got this guy. He transferred to this school for butlers because lawl. He meets a girl with drills for hair, among others, only to discover that his childhood bully (and friend) also transferred to the same school. How will things turn out for him? Err, four women fall in love with him, a fifth is implied. He cups a couple feels. He lands in some milky situations. He sees plenty of women in la nude. He is senselessly beaten for perverted, coincidental situations. Oh, and he serves as a butler. I gotta say, that doesn’t sound terrible.

Speaking of the main character, he’s interesting. He’s your typical male harem lead, but there are times when he doesn’t act like it, which is always nice. His appearance, however, is one of this anime’s shining points: he looks different. Kind of a fluffed, spikey hairdo, tan-ish skin, red eyes, and to top it off, an unexplained scar across his left eyebrow. DID HE MURDER?! This is certainly not the description of a male lead of a harem/ecchi anime. It’s nice to see some variety with character design in this show. His personality is still somewhat bland, though.

Others characters include sex symbols.

The art is interesting. It looks similar to that of that one anime I can’t remember with the fox deity. Y’know, the one with the high school friend of the main male character with a goat beard? He was pretty cool. I wasn’t a huge fan of that style of character design, but I feel that when you’re more concerned with drawing girls’ tits than their faces, this isn’t a primary concern. Speaking of which, some of the physics with characters’ sexual anatomy was really fucking stupid. But the nipples looked spectacular. 8008/10.

I feel like I haven’t really said anything about this anime. Bah, I don’t care, I have a throbbing bon-headache. It was ridiculous; ridiculously entertaining. Err, I wouldn’t go that far. I actually enjoyed watching it, but nothing about it other than its appeal of variety is anything of good status. Basically, a mindlessly amusing watch.

Speaking of mindlessly amusing, I really like this Sanae character… and I have no idea why….