The Matrix Trilogy: A Narrative to Behold (Just Don’t Think About It)

matrix trilogy analysis cover

Some days ago, my brother and I, taking part in a franchise-viewing tradition, watched The Matrix trilogy. You all know of it, I assume? It was among the most parodied and profitable films of the late ’90s/early 00’s. It began a revolution among nerds and paranoid schizophrenics alike; a wave of questioning the fabric of reality and society as we see it. All emphasized with the sheer success of this movie franchise. And wouldn’t you know? They’re making a fourth one, because money is honey. Continue reading “The Matrix Trilogy: A Narrative to Behold (Just Don’t Think About It)”

Day Six: Camille (MotM 2020)

camille cover

This was another one of those titles that I watched and attached a really high rating to. It’s especially curious because I remember next to nothing about this. One would reckon that recollection would be a sure sign of something being really good, but it’s been nearly a decade. Maybe there’s something here that the old me got right. Or maybe I was really inexperienced and naive. Continue reading “Day Six: Camille (MotM 2020)”