Day Three: The Reflecting Skin (March of the Movies 2022)

I asked a friend of mine just yesterday, “What do you get out of Horror?” He had no concrete answer.

In time, he asked me the same thing. “Because films are art,” I replied. “I like viewing different perspectives; I like to dissect things.” In general, not just with film, my preference with creative endeavors is to indulge in things with “credible” substance (“credible” being subjective, of course). Brainless comedies or action films are fine every so often, but things like The Reflecting Skin are more to my liking, at least from the outset.

Sometimes those subjects with perceived substance end up being fool’s gold.

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The Matrix Trilogy: A Narrative to Behold (Just Don’t Think About It)

matrix trilogy analysis cover

Some days ago, my brother and I, taking part in a franchise-viewing tradition, watched The Matrix trilogy. You all know of it, I assume? It was among the most parodied and profitable films of the late ’90s/early 00’s. It began a revolution among nerds and paranoid schizophrenics alike; a wave of questioning the fabric of reality and society as we see it. All emphasized with the sheer success of this movie franchise. And wouldn’t you know? They’re making a fourth one, because money is honey. Continue reading “The Matrix Trilogy: A Narrative to Behold (Just Don’t Think About It)”

Day Six: Camille (MotM 2020)

camille cover

This was another one of those titles that I watched and attached a really high rating to. It’s especially curious because I remember next to nothing about this. One would reckon that recollection would be a sure sign of something being really good, but it’s been nearly a decade. Maybe there’s something here that the old me got right. Or maybe I was really inexperienced and naive. Continue reading “Day Six: Camille (MotM 2020)”