Day Twenty-One: Lars and the Real Girl (MotM 2019)

lars and the real girl cover

I kinda-sorta only watched this because it’s an earlier film from Ryan Gosling’s career with an oddball premise. Not to say I wouldn’t think this movie could stand on its own without him, but after La La LandBlade Runner 2049, and First Man, I’m willing to assume comfortably that Gosling being involved with anything can help substantially. Continue reading “Day Twenty-One: Lars and the Real Girl (MotM 2019)”

Day Twenty: Eve no Jikan (MotM 2019)

eve no jikan cover

Imagine a cute little dog. This dog has been around humans all its life. This dog, as it has the capability to do so in this hypothetical situation, wishes to assert its own independence through self-expression. The humans, in response, pressure it to continue to be a dog and nothing more. This is a story about how two high school boys discover a café dedicated to treating dogs the same as humans, as they have the intellectual capacity to do so in this hypothetical situation. Why did I use dogs instead of androids? Because dogs are cute, completely innocent, and essentially harmless under the right supervision. That’s basically the gist of the androids here. Continue reading “Day Twenty: Eve no Jikan (MotM 2019)”

Day Fourteen: Office Space (MotM 2019)

office space

I don’t know many people who enjoy working in a cubicle. Or in retail. Or in an environment where one is under constant threat of expendability. Watching Office Space was a reminder of just how lousy those types of jobs can be, and if it weren’t for my actual job requiring my presence in a half an hour, I would be able to put more detail into what I thought of this film. Ain’t that just life? Continue reading “Day Fourteen: Office Space (MotM 2019)”