Day Thirty-One: All or Nothing (2002) (March of the Movies 2022)

Apologies for the somewhat shoddy cover photo; there does not seem to be a lot of good cover photos for All or Nothing. Additional apologies for the length of this post, as the end is in sight and I am sprinting.

Mike Leigh is a special kind of director. I’ve stated before that Denis Villeneuve is likely my favorite director currently living, but Mike Leigh makes a very strong case for being in similar company. Something about the way he constructs situations and molds characters really appeals to me. Poignantly depressing, but generally offering glimmers of hope or humanity. Also seems to get the absolute best of out his actors. It’s a character-driven paradise!

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Day Thirty: Black Christmas (1974) (March of the Movies 2022)

With this, my Horror quota for the month has been filled. No one can say I didn’t watch anything “scary.” Take that, literally nobody.

My cowardice aside, Black Christmas was something of a choice based on curiosity. I had never heard of it before, and I was convinced that the title was more racially significant than it was thematically. Upon some further research, it seems this is considered a progenitor to the “slasher film” subgenre, which is neat! Even with the threat of many jumpscares afoot, my addiction to analysis overweighed my disdain for BOO!

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Day Twenty-Nine: Witness (1985) (March of the Movies 2022)

Harrison Ford stars in a high-stakes thriller with action, romance, and a ton of Amish people! Not quite the kind of action you’d necessarily expect, given that over half of this film is Ford learning how to live as an Amish person! That’ll definitely sell, right?

While there are some things that could be elaborated on, I’m gonna keep this post rather short. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter and, boy, am I running as fast as I can!

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Day Twenty-Eight: Carol (2015) (March of the Movies 2022)

Romance, as I’ve stated before, used to be something that compelled me. Love itself is rather compelling to most, especially those who have rarely had that sensation present within them. When it comes to films deeply involved in the passionate feeling, I’ve found that some of the best involve same-sex couples. Disobedience comes to mind.

Though these stories also tend to have that tired “forbidden” angle to it, where it’s placed in some ye olde fashion timeframe and everyone’s like, “Eww, gay?” That obviously adds some spice of drama to an already emotionally volatile affair. Carol is another one of these that seems to have very positive fanfare from those who viewed it. A good friend of mine also adores it. With all that, why not see how it is?

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Day Twenty-Seven: J’ai perdu mon corps (March of the Movies 2022)

This morning was something, let me tell you. My original intention was to watch The Book of Life on Disney+. However, the streaming service would not load for me, despite trying multiple times. Scrambling to find a replacement film, I browsed through hundreds of films on other streaming services looking for anything of interest—in particular, animation.

With no luck, I escaped to Letterboxd for a more in-depth search. (I had been searching for nearly an hour by this point.) Then I came across J’ai perdu mon corps (or I Lost My Body), something a critic I trust liked quite a bit. With a short runtime and an intriguing synopsis, I said, “Fuck it” and booted it up. Ended up being a solid choice!

[Post will be short.]

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Day Twenty-Six: Blinkende lygter (March of the Movies 2022)

Today’s post will also be somewhat on the short side. Reason being is that I wish to write a second post to go out hopefully later tonight, if not tomorrow morning.

Blinkende lygter, or Flickering Lights in English, is a film I discovered while looking through the filmography of Mads Mikkelsen. I did state that I wished to expand my film-viewing choices to that of things outside the English language—how about Danish? This had solid reviews and, again, featured Mikkelsen, an actor I respect. Sure, I’ll give it a shot.

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Day Twenty-Five: The French Dispatch (March of the Movies 2022)

This post will perhaps be the shortest yet, and maybe the shortest there will be. I spent a good chunk of today playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, then what I originally intended to watch ended up becoming unavailable. Thus, I settled on The French Dispatch. (The other film was a Wes Anderson picture, too, so it worked out.)

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Day Twenty-Four: The Amazing Bulk (March of the Movies 2022)

In my quest for films so terribly unprofessional that they come across as hysterical, few have risen quite to the heights produced by The Amazing Bulk. Oh, how wonderful it is to say that this masterpiece is absolutely worth the watch, and I’m overjoyed that it exists.

I knew going in that it would be atrocious. All the reviews paint the film as abominable, and I watched a whole video published by I Hate Everything on it. What I wasn’t sure of was whether it would be dreadfully boring or dreadfully sublime. Finding the answer did not take long.

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Day Twenty-Three: Pad Man (March of the Movies 2022)

In my desire to expand the horizons of my film-viewing palette, I took a turn into one of the most populated countries in the world: India. Last year, I saw my first fully-fledged “Bollywood film” in 3 Idiots, which was fine. Though one particular critic I trust finds the whole of Bollywood to be an incredibly overrated spectacle that has rarely produced anything all that noteworthy. Curious to see for myself, I picked out Pad Man, a film with a very distinct synopsis.

It did not help the cause.

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