Quick Thoughts on Natsu no Zenjitsu


Unfortunately, I’ve been putting off writing about this manga ever since I finished it about two weeks ago. If I don’t write something about it soon, I’ll end up just not writing about it at all. So, let’s make this post short and sweet; much like this story.

First off, this manga is a wonderful experience. So much passion and pure, unperturbed emotion and insight into the human psyche is explored within the confounds of the narrative. It’s a wonderful example of the exact type of romantic development I look for in stories. Well, perhaps not exactly, but it hits the mark for more accurately than most.

The characters have a penchant to follow their own paths within the story, never really yielding to the idea that they need (or even desire) one another’s affection or acceptance to push forward. It revolves around the friction of sexual desire more than the aspect of finding one to complete the two-person whole that romanticists strive for. Mincing words isn’t Zenjitsu’s forte, instead going for the jugular and providing all the lust and carnal desire human beings of a young-adult age typically carry with them. And through this, end up developing a bond that could conceivably be seen as love.

There is more at stake, however, as aside from romance, the other most important aspect of Natsu no Zenjitsu is self-discovery. Finding one’s place in this world and the value of one’s own abilities. It’s so hammered into the story that one might actually be turned off by the main character’s impression of his worthlessness. Having the means to accept one’s own faults and shortcomings is something very rarely established in other forms (especially Anime, where every male lead is a self-insert). If not for the fantastic focus on emotional cognition and adult-oriented romance, Natsu no Zenjitsu is a breath of fresh air from the same old, same old.

It’s very possible that this manga simply caught me off-guard and I overrated it, but the amount of enjoyment gained from this was stupendous. Inconceivable. Stupid. I cannot recommend this manga enough, though I understand there are a few instances that make me question why I loved it so much in the first place. If one has the chance to read it, read it. If one has to think about it first, don’t think. Thinking is forbidden. Just read. Read, and enjoy.

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