Entry #6: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Re-Watch)

(Season One)

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is an interesting title. Its leads aren’t fantastic, but that doesn’t matter, because the show stuffs our face with side characters. Are they likable? Absolutely not. They are some of the most annoying characters I’ve ever come across. They’re just absolutely horrid. And with these characters constantly on screen (three certain characters never stop showing up after episode three), it leaves little room for any serious, romantic atmosphere, which is where this show fails.

Did you know that this show is a comedy? Because it isn’t funny. Everything it displays as a comedy is cliche and mind-numbing. The side characters are mostly responsible for such comedy, which is most of the reason as to why I despise them. Others just don’t have any personality to them, and nearly all of them have no background. At all. Seriously.

Did you know this show is a romance? Because it’s mildly romantic. The strength of the two main characters is like the power of duct tape. It’ll hold, but it hurts to peel off the skin. Basically, when these two characters get together, they’re cute. They’re innocent. They’re still not funny, but they’re charming. Haruka is one of the most appealing female leads in a romance I’ve ever seen. Yuuto, on the other hand, still exhibits qualities of the lifeless, dull main character. On top of being a doormat… wouldn’t that make him the bottom? But who else for a caring and soft female lead? Uh, anyone, really. It could happen to literally anyone… maybe that’s the point.

What is it about the characters that makes them so intolerable? Their desire to induce comedy from every scenario. Each side character is given their role, and they play it out until you die. They don’t have to have any personality (or logic), so long as they make every situation for the two main characters as uncomfortable and suggestive as possible. It disgusts me, but there are worse. Particularly, the homeroom teacher and Yuuto’s sister. There are no words to describe how much I despise both of these characters. They have one role: fan service. They don’t do any more than that, except be loud. Yuuto, as stated before, is both like and unlike any random person. He exhibits qualities that are typical of any main male character. What does he add to that stereotype? Nothing. I could say he’s even more of a doormat, but that’s pretty much it. Haruka, as stated before, is nice and soft, like pizza dough. Delicious pizza dough. Her character is likable in the sense that she has no drastic flaws. There isn’t anything about her that’s particularly intolerable, but she’s also never very exciting (no sexual remarks, please). She’s very nice on the eyes, though. I say this right after I refrain from making sexual remarks.

Bah. Art. It was fine.

I remember when I considered this the worst anime I had ever seen. Clearly, this isn’t anywhere near the worst anime I’ve ever seen now, but it still holds true as something insignificant. It’s memorable for being unmemorable, and vice versa. It’s really all too complicated.

(Season Two)

It just kind of… all becomes apparently terrible this season. Most of my hatred towards this series can be attributed to this season. It’s really a hollow watch.

Personal Score: C-

Critical Score: D+