Thoughts on Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (Spoilers)

I’m impressed. I really am. This series did something to me that a lot of series before it haven’t done to me; feel. It made me feel anxious. It made me feel interested. And most of all, and perhaps the worst of all, it made me fear for the worst. Overall, what conspired at the end of the anime wasn’t as bad as I would have imagined, but it still seemed every bit as melodramatic as one could have guessed it to be. But, of course, it’s not without a plate of flaws.

Now, the plot is interesting. The synopsis is interesting. It’s the synopsis that originally pulled me into watching this anime. I’ve actually considered watching this anime since the dawn of The Summer of Anime. Wouldn’t ya know it? I probably would have loved this series if I watched it back then. Anyway, the world that Shu is taken to is nothing short of imaginative. The only thing I have to complain about is that they don’t really explore much of the world, as most of the time is used to “show the horrors of war! Oh no!” Along with this unexplored land is a lot of unexplained detail about how all of this war ever broke out. From what was explained, some dictator came into power because lol and is now kidnapping women for reproduction and children for war. Children? Really? Sure, they’re easier to control and, if you catch ’em young enough, they can become immoral adults, but you’re banking on taking over the entire world and your army consists of some adult tech associates and an army of children? Those are some questionable tactics. Along with this are plenty more plotholes that arise during this anime that I won’t get into for the sake of my ever so hot fingertips.

Shu is such an unlikable character. I say this because he’s incredibly unrealistic. Hell, perhaps this series is racist! Want a theory? Shu is Japanese. Sara, who commits murder, tries to kill her baby, and tries to kill Lala Ru, is American. Every other character is of the other world, and most of them are either horribly bad, on the fence, or good natured; most of them being horribly bad. Of course, we can’t have everyone being horribly bad, that wouldn’t open up a lot of plot convenience for our golden boy, Shu. While the whole “racist” claim is a gigantic stretch, there’s evidence to support it, however minimal. It’s fun to get people debating.

Other than Shu, we have Lala Ru, Sara, Abelia, the dictator, and the soldiers, which are shown for a good majority of the show. Lala Ru was probably the most interesting character in this entire show, as not a lot is known of her origins and her overall role as a damsel in distress goes back and forth between damsel and hero of the day. Water! Sara is American, which is exactly why I like her. U.S. pride! Just kidding, she’s fairly forgettable, except she’s not. I’m just trying to confuse anyone reading this, now. Abelia is the most “lost potential” character in this entire series. Who is she?! Why does she follow the dictator?! Is she from the village they attack in episode twelve?! The dictator is insane, which is exactly why I question why anyone would voluntarily choose to follow him. He’s… insane. C’mon. Don’t follow crazy guys. At least Hitler brought Germany back into power before he started being evil. There’s a little dark soldier who dies, there’s a soldier that has a lot of encounters with Shu who dies, and an asshole who dies(?). Those are your main soldiers.

Real alert: Sara gets raped about four hundred times during the series. I counted.

The animation is finally something I can really talk about! Those still shots, man. Those were awful. They just sat there for a good ten seconds. They think they’re being impactful, but they’re not. It’s annoying. Just get on with the next scene! Many times I thought my computer had froze watching these shots. Other than that, the animation was interesting. I thought the funniest line in this series was when Sis, a character I never cared to mention, says to Lala Ru “You look like a normal girl to me.” She has blue hair and giant pupils. Derp. The character designs were flashy, but suited the material well. The dictator legitimately looked like Hitl- a dictator.

This series was interesting. I seem to use this line a lot. Oh, no! I’m repetitive! Regardless, this series actually made me feel emotions. Just for that, I have to give it my congratulations. The story is very immersive and the characters (except for Shu) were true to their roles and, overall, insightful. This series just had far too many “Yeah, alright,” moments and plot holes and underdeveloped motivations for certain characters. If given a few more episodes, perhaps this series could’ve been better. But with Shu as the main character, it could only be so great before I got sick of it. Mmm. One last thing to note:

Lala Ru’s “death:” Expected
Dictator’s death: Expected
Sis’s death: Expected
Soldier A’s death: Expected
Soldier B’s death: Unexpected
Soldier C’s death(?): ????????????
Soon’s death: Unexpected
Abelia’s survival: Unexpected