Quick Thoughts on Ping Pong: The Animation (Spoilers?)

I had previously typed a whole lot of information about this anime, but then I clicked outside of the box. Ho-hum.

This animation was awesome.

Plot was good, but had a dull beginning.

Characters were cool. Liked Hoshino best. None of the characters were unlikable.

Art was awful. Actually, it was fantastic. But that character design….

Symbolism was present and the impact was felt. Good work!

The ending was just enough of a cop out to be considered a cop out, but felt like a necessity. At least they played it out well.

The friendship between Hoshino and Tsukimoto made me feel like crying. Ping Pong is powerful.

Loved this anime. It just had some dull moments and fairly crappy character design. There was also a plot hole with the final few episodes, but it might just add to the “Hero” persona that Hoshino had made for himself, so it might be justified… maybe.