Day Two: Big Fan (MotM 2017)


Big Fan is, for better or worse, a one-man show.

A character study through the eyes of a troubled soul.

Football as a catalyst for the obsessive tendencies of a man.


Patton Oswalt is that one big fan.

His delivery makes the film worth the trip.

Though the trip itself has very few curves and slips.


Something of a “Dark-mind” kind of story.

With nothing in the vein of uproariously gory.

A psychological platter of suspense and build-up.

If not for the comedy, it all seems corrupt.


Another provider of depth and despair.

Some may require some point of repair.

Giddiness in place, with a tendency to mock.

The audience may further find solace in a rock.


Synopsis only provides half of the battle.

The words and clues underneath could make bones rattle.

Revealing society’s darker picture.

Never foretold in any sort of scripture.

Coddled and trained, with success surrounding.

Growing up right may be quite astounding.

Holding on to the one pleasurable light.

Playing in the darkness just wouldn’t be right.


While entertaining to a fault.

The number of themes is hardly assault.

A single focus, through and through.

One person’s attention may not subdue.

Oswalt himself has a striking vigor.

Compared to the rest, is the only trigger.


Perhaps there’s a message to the football decision.

That groups and the cliques make a clouded division.

Things rowdy and tough one man’s pride can endure.

Encourage the warmth of a strange man’s contour.

Standing so proud: one for all and no more.

Precisely the force which makes one so poor.


Structure be praised, it will hold all and more.

The time it takes is a perfect score.

Tension and horror roam to the backfield.

Sizing you up as your mind slips to yield.

It plays with your heart, it plays with your mind.

All this, of course, if you’d be so kind.


The end is a bang.

The end is a splash.

Without any slang.

It comes off as rash.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

However this scores is for you to abuse.


Final Score: 7/10

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