Top 10 Least Favorite Soul Series Characters

project soul

With as big a roster as the Soul series supports, there’s bound to be a few characters that stick out for being unsightly. With as vivid as my memories are of my experiences with the Soul series, there are absolutely times when certain characters rub me the wrong way. This list is dedicated to those characters.

Once again, no noticeable stipulations will be added to this list, but I tend to focus on the primary characters more than anything. Y’know, characters you can actually play as. So, like the list on my favorites, don’t expect any guest characters scrolling downward. However, guest characters altogether could be put on a spot just for their title.

#10: Aeon Calcos (Lizardman)


If you’ve read my other list, you’d know that I complain about characters falling into the “evil lackey” category. While Mr. Calcos here doesn’t always fit into that role in terms of story, he seems to fit into it whenever a player is doing Arcade Mode or other various modes. Not only that, but he’s become a bit of the butt of the franchise, showcasing him in various “silly” outcomes and with humorous weapons, such as “Boned Meat.” For a character whose story describes a soldier from the same holy sanctuary that Cassandra and Sophitia comes from who was abducted by a mad scientist and transformed into a lizard and slowly loses grip on his humanity, this seems a bit, shall I say, “off.”

Not to mention, Aeon never seems to really progress anywhere. In Soul Calibur III, he’s on a quest to retrieve his lost soul for the sake of regaining his sanity. In the sequel, he loses that sanity and goes apeshit. But in Soul Calibur V, he regains some of his sanity yet again only to find out he has to go apeshit in order to regain more of it. This sort of back and forth story seems so indecisive of what they want to make him that it ends up hurting the character.

While he looks cool, I was never really a big fan of his fighting style. I like the wings and the dual-wielding axes in SC: V, but before that, he seemed more like a clone of Sophitia, which is somewhat excused by him being from the same vicinity. He’s also annoying to face off against, especially on higher difficulties. I would know, because you face him a lot—in any game, so it seems.

The company doesn’t seem to give him any respect, which is pitiful, but it doesn’t shine well regardless. He’s become sort of the “joke character” of the series, aside from one notable inclusion (which may be shown later). If Aeon was cut out of the Soul series altogether, I’m not sure anyone would bat an eye. I certainly wouldn’t.

#9: Xianghua


I might get some shit for this.

Xianghua is actually one of the more popular and integral characters from the Soul series. However, I don’t much care for her, from the way she looks to the sound of her voice. Perhaps I’m carrying a childhood grudge. Who’s to say? But her voice in almost each game makes me want to puncture my eardrums. Combine that with her peppy attitude and penchant for the same thing over and over again, and you have a character I’ve grown to dislike. Swear to God, if I hear one more “Just kidding!”

But I can’t bag on her too much. I think her relationship with Kilik is cute and her fighting style isn’t… awful. However, as a kid, I always looked at her as some stupid, overgrown child who loved the sound of her own voice. To top it off, she is the wielder of the legendary sword Soul Calibur in Soul Calibur II? That enraged me to no end. I felt she wasn’t deserving. Give it to someone cool, like Taki or Link! Ah, my childhood mind at work.

She’s not an altogether bad character, but she’s one whose personality and spunk on the battlefield got on my nerves. Perhaps if her voice wasn’t so obnoxious I wouldn’t have such an issue with her, but she does, so I do.

#8: Raphael


Raphael, like Xianghua, is a character I’ve grown to dislike. I didn’t care for him as a child playing Soul Calibur II, and I don’t care for him now that it’s released three sequels. To top it off, he’s become a vampire, or one with vampire-like qualities. That’s… something.

I’ll admit, the reason I didn’t care for him as a child was because he was an asshole. I recall playing through Link’s Arcade Mode, Link walking up to Raphael for some assistance, and Raphael attacks him for no reason. “What the heck!” I thought to myself back then, cementing Raphael’s status on my “Do Not Trust” list. Not to mention, some of his overbearingly snooty lines upon victory. Raphael had the entire make-up of a royal pain in the ass.

Looking back on it, Raphael isn’t that bad of a character in Soul Calibur II. In fact, I can’t find myself hating that portrayal of his character. It isn’t until the later games that I begin to find real reason to despise him. Amy this, Amy that. Amy, Amy, Amy. It’s all he cares about and all he strives for. I wonder if he’s even gotten Amy’s feedback on any of this. I know I’d be a little disturbed. Not to mention, he’s a bonafide vampire. A vampire! What the fuck? How did that happen? I guess Soul Edge’s presence within the body can shapeshift one into classic Halloween creatures. Next you’ll tell me Siegfried is actually a werewolf.

His one-dimensional attitude and delusional temperament makes for a dutifully unlikable character in my mind. To top it off, there’s heavy evidence to support that he is the new host of Nightmare in Soul Calibur V. My childhood mind is screaming at the top of its lungs. “Raphael!? Gosh dang!”

At least his moveset is fun.

#7: Rock


Hey, look! An Astaroth clone! Oh, wait. Astaroth is a clone of him? Well that’s… dull.

Much like Raphael, Rock’s one-dimensional mindset makes him an ultimately unlikable character. However, in Rock’s case, he’s so bland that it’s easy to forget him, while with Raphael he’s so irritating that it’s hard to forget. Raphael has Amy, Rock has Bangoo. Bangoo this, Bangoo that. Bangoo, Bangoo, Bangoo. It’s all Rock seems to care about and all he ever does anything for. In my mind, he may as well be the clone of Astaroth, because Astaroth far better suits his fighting style and appearance.

Sure, the gentle giant trope is fun and all, but he’s just so empty. There’s nothing really about him that comes to mind aside from his love for Bangoo. That’s why he’s placed where he is on this list. It’s not like I hate the guy, but he’s so uninteresting and meager in character. Perhaps I never really got into him due to my first experience with him being in Soul Calibur IV, but even without the childhood bias, I don’t think I’d much care for him, especially with Astaroth being on the same roster.

I even prefer Astaroth’s fighting style compared to his. Rock’s moves seem more controlled, more fluid. With big, strong characters, I like all-out power, even at the cost of speed. Astaroth provides just that. Rock doesn’t provide me with anything, except perhaps an unfunny joke about his closeness with an underaged boy.

#6: Hilde


Are you starting to sense a theme here? A pattern of some sort? You should be.

Hilde was the cover girl and basically spokesperson for Soul Calibur IV. Look at how unique this character is; she has a short-range and a long-range weapon! She’s certainly not cheap whatsoever, that’s why she’s banned from all competitive play! Yeah. Project Soul really dropped the ball on this one.

But it’s not like her fighting style is bad. It’s just apparently cheap and unfair to use. I can see why, seeing as she can use both short and long-range weapons. To top it off, they brought her back in Soul Calibur V, and she still has the same fighting style. Great. But that’s enough tourney talk. How’s her personality?

My people. My crown. My honor. Wolfkrone! Wolfkrone! Glory! Justice! Vengeance! Wolfkrone! My people! Honor! Wolfkrone! Honor! Honor! Honor! Wolfkrone!

We get it. You like your country. And that’s all she is, too. The leader of Wolfkrone after her father was caged up in solitude due to falling to the madness of Soul Edge’s power. So, as such a good leader should, she barks orders and cries poetic monotony about her people, their pride, their honor, their strength, their… everything. Hilde is another example of a one-dimensional mindset at work.

I’ll give her credit for having a nice design, though. I dig the armor and the patriotic style of her weaponry. She even has a little mole down below her lips. Nice touch, Project Soul. She’s now moe enough to have a body pillow made out of her.

#5: Leixia


Remember who #9 was on this list? Xianghua? Meet her daughter. Remember that thing I said about Xianghua’s personality being insufferable with the voice that she had? Leixia is no different… because she literally isn’t any different. Her voice is similar, her moveset is the same. Her personality is similar, along with her lines. She’s essentially a younger Xianghua, thrown in to compensate for Xianghua’s absence and age.

So, to clarify, Leixia is basically Xianghua, except younger and with a different design. Fuck you, Project Soul.

#4: Charade


In my heart, I feel this might be a tad unfair. Not in the sense that Charade is a bad character or anything, but more on the basis that Charade isn’t really a character. It makes one appearance throughout the entirety of the Soul series franchise and has so little importance to anyone’s story that it may as well not even exist. However, Charade is a playable character and is treated as its own character and has a backstory to boot, so it counts… and its background is really bare boned.

Charade was once a man who learned of the legend of Soul Edge and made it his destiny to collect the missing pieces. However, he was murdered and thrown into a river sometime during his journey by bandits. The blood of his body soaked the fragments of Soul Edge he had grasped in his hand and his being being that of what you see in the picture above.

So, basically, some random asshole got murdered and became Charade by having his blood soak with the fragment of Soul Edge in his possession. Uh huh. Why doesn’t that happen to, uh, anyone else then? If that were true, wouldn’t there be at least a hundred Charades running around reading people’s minds and searching for fragments? What made this guy so special?

I feel it’s just the lack of any definitive explanation that makes Charade so lackluster. That, and the fact that he bears no importance to the plot. He’s made only one appearance for a reason: because Soul Calibur II needed the traditional “random” character and they didn’t want to bring Edge Master back, for whatever reason. So, they decided to take Soul Edge’s scraps, put ’em together like a puzzle, and call it a day. Oh, and the cherry on top is its name: Charade. They knew exactly what his purpose was. Why even include a backstory? No one would care regardless. I certainly wouldn’t.

#3: Dampierre


To reference my own list once more, recall back to #10, when I mentioned the inclusion of a joke character that may be included on this list later on. Later on has arrived. Meet Dampierre.

Take one look, take one gander. Can you take this man seriously? Can you take the very idea, the foundation of this man’s attire and premise seriously? He looks like Waluigi, the trash heap of the Mario series, which is known to have about 6,000 characters to its name. His inclusion in the series makes me want to pull my teeth out with a fork. He’s not a serious character. He’s not a serious anything. He’s a joke. A genuine, unfunny joke.

I realize I shouldn’t be so frustrated over a character such as Dampierre. The Soul series is known to have its fun from time to time and Dampierre is just another example. But for me, I’ve always viewed the Soul series as a serious game, with humor added on the side to take the edge off. With the inclusion of Dampierre (though not technically within the story… yet), it only inches closer to the threshold where comedy and seriousness mix, turning the Soul series into a goofy theater play with dark themes. They typically don’t work well together, and I don’t want a series like this to even try when they’re on life support as is.

But enough of the context, how is Dampierre as a character? Well, he’s a con-artist who loves himself. His moveset is described as “comical” and… ugh. I can’t go on. Fucking hell this guy is stupid.

#2: Patroklos and Pyrrha

Patroklos & Pyrrha

I’m cheating a little, but bear with me. I just couldn’t separate these two after they worked so hard to come together.

Patroklos in particular is a character most fans of the Soul series would expect to see on this list. That’s not to say that Pyrrha is any better, but you control Patroklos as the main character in Soul Calibur V‘s Story Mode, and boy, does he leave quite the impression.

A lot of people give Patroklos a bad rap for being cruel, sinister, and a crybaby. I’d be willing to agree with one of those statements. I think the hatred that Patroklos has for anything malfested is excusable for one so young and so naive. I also think that his hatred would reflect upon his demeanor and cloud his judgment when finding out that his sister is a prime candidate to be the new host of Soul Edge. I will, however, agree that Patroklos is a crybaby and a horrible excuse for a main hero. I would even go as far as to say that he’s almost a self-insert. The game tries so hard to make him important and impactful upon the player that everything feels rushed and everyone else takes a back seat. The Soul series was never about one character, but a multitude of characters going after the same goal. The issue with Patroklos is that when he’s the star, everyone else becomes expendable.

Pyrrha has a similar issue. Soul Calibur V loves the concept of contrasting characters. Light vs. Dark. Good vs. Evil. Brother vs. Sister. It pits these two characters against each other, despite their inherent connection, and forsakes anyone else who dare come between them. Aside from Tira, who instigates the whole thing, the entire Story is focused on Pyrrha and Patroklos, who almost mirror one another in terms of conflict. They both have to accept some dark secret and struggle to overcome it until the very end. Patroklos groans and goes into a cathartic state where Soul Calibur appears to him as a half-naked image of his mother… okay… and Pyrrha screams in pain. A lot. Anyone remember Siegfried? Fuck him, we got this shrimp to develop. Nightmare? Let’s replace him with a cute little girl. It’s not enough that these characters aren’t likable, but the game goes so out of its way to try and make them tragic heroes that one doesn’t even see some of the most prevalent characters in the series because of it. Cervantes? Mitsurugi? Kilik? Yoshimitsu? All don’t even appear once.

Patroklos and Pyrrha are shadows of their mother, Sophitia, both in appearance and fighting style. They’re unlikable as characters and clones as combatants. It’s not until they change into their “ultimate forms” that they take on different fighting styles. Even then, Patroklos borrows a lot of moves from Setsuka, while Pyrrha becomes a mini Nightmare… because she’s Soul Edge’s host, so it kind of makes sense. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a cop-out. That seems to be their, and Soul Calibur V‘s, major flaw: it tries so hard to be something new when below the surface, they’re only copying previous games and traditions. Not only copying, but cutting. It’s hollow, uninspired, and ugly, just like Sophitia’s precious children.

#1: Xiba


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Top 10 Favorite Soul Series Characters

project soul

As I’m sure many can relate, the Soul series has made quite the impression on my life. I discovered the series as a demo for Soul Calibur II back as a child while I was perusing the electronic section of my local Toys “R” Us store. My time spent playing with it and the already fixated fascination with the character named “Nightmare” proved to be the deciding factor in begging my mother to buy it for me. Soon enough, Soul Calibur II was among my library and became one of the many classic games of my childhood.

Fast forward sometime, due to the fact that I only had a Gamecube throughout the 2,000’s, our family decided to get an Xbox 360, with which we were able to buy Soul Calibur IV; and soon enough, Soul Calibur V. Throughout its history, many characters have come and gone—45 major characters, to be precise. Some have made the Soul series into the lasting legacy that it’s become, while others haven’t the intrigue or the super glue to be able to stick to the hearts of gamers everywhere… or even future rosters.

In this list, I will be chronicling the top ten characters from the Soul series universe that have successfully super glued their place within my own heart. This is normally the part where I add any stipulations toward my list, but I can’t really think of any, knowing my list of characters beforehand. Don’t expect any bonus characters, I suppose?

#10: Ivy


Predictably enough, Ivy is one of the most iconic characters in the Soul series. Even if you’ve never heard of the games, you’re likely to come across this voluptuous woman somewhere on the internet. Perhaps Rule 34.

Ivy is a character tormented by her blood. By that, I mean she’s inherited the lineage of one of the original wielders of Soul Edge: Cervantes de Leon. Because of this, the fragments of the wicked sword Soul Edge are innately drawn to her, as she to them. Her physical growth has all but deteriorated, leaving her body forever young in age, and the pain of holding back her desire to wield Soul Edge has made her into a brooding and lonely character. Despite her role in the original Soul Calibur, Ivy has good intentions at heart, but craves the desire to free herself from the blood that occupies her.

It’s also interesting to note that while her appearance in every Soul series game except the first has her in next to nothing, she doesn’t have the typical sadistic or playful nature that one would expect from a lady dressed so lightly. To me, this gives her a sense of independence from other characters assumed within the role of the scantily-clad “babe” in fighting games. Her mood suits her backstory, and I’m all the more thankful for it.

If not for her body, one may know Ivy for her weapon: the Snake Sword. A sword with the ability to contort and manipulate its blade into a rope-like whip, giving both an edge on power and on range. Project Soul has made a lot out of her moveset and taken advantage of the unique weapon at her disposal. All in all, there’s a reason why she’s so beloved, with as many reasons as there are stars in the sky. Well, perhaps not that much, but Ivy is a character a lot of people can find to appreciate.

#9: Voldo


Speaking of characters with revealing outfits and unique weapons, meet Voldo, the strangest character ever conceived by Project Soul.

This old fart (age 67 by Soul Calibur V) gets points immediately for memorability. His mummy-like appearance and inability to speak or see gives him a sort of fanatical spirit that transcends the realm of reality, even more than the Soul series already does. His agility and maneuvering capabilities have given him many comparisons; most notably a spider, which reflects his appearance in Soul Calibur V. In a nutshell, this thing is a dignified weirdo, and it’s awesome.

Voldo has always been one of my favorite characters to play as. His fighting style is a forest of kinks and widgets that the player can only hope to maintain in a coherent manner. His throw commands are always a treat to watch, simply on the basis of how bizarre they are. And the Mantis Crawl is deliciously on-the-walls. I mean that, too; he can climb on walls doing that.

This mummified monster could’ve placed higher on this list, had it not been for his predictable and repetitive storyline. In every game, his purpose seems to remain the same: get Soul Edge because “Vercci,” his master in life, told him to from beyond the grave. Voldo, as loyal as he is, does just that, over and over, game after game. It ends up making him the residual “evil lackey” of each game—always being pushed aside by the good guys, never to be heard from again. He never seems to have any focal point in the games he’s a part of, one who doesn’t seem to interact with other characters in the series either, aside from Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur II, or serving under Nightmare, always cementing his lackey status.

Nevertheless, gameplay and aesthetic points alone are enough to make Voldo a likable and memorable character within the Soul series. It helps when he’s been in every major title to date.

#8: Tira


People new to my blog or don’t know me aren’t aware of my fondness for manipulative women. Those who do know probably saw this pick coming at some point. Or maybe they didn’t. I don’t know. I like manipulative women.

Truth be told, while I think Tira is an interesting character in her own right, she probably wouldn’t have made this list if Soul Calibur V were never released. Like Voldo before her, she always seemed to fit into that “lackey” role in the two major games she was a part of. However, she did play more of a role setting up the plot to Soul Calibur V than any other character. I don’t know if I should be thankful for that. In any case, her influence on other characters and her actions have created a rift in the Soul series universe that can never be changed… probably. For that, she deserves a lot of credit.

What Soul Calibur V did for her was establish her into a menacing and effective lead antagonist. Sure, Soul Edge or Nightmare are typically thought of as the central antagonist, but I’d make the case that Tira is the character that gets the plot moving and allows for things to take a turn for the worst. She, in essence, upgrades herself from lackey to independent, antagonizing threat. To top it all off, her reasoning for all of this? Destruction and chaos. She loves the satisfaction of death, and indulges in sweet, sweet anarchy. While she realizes she can never have the incredible power of Soul Edge, she can at least allow it to flourish throughout the world.

Why not continue the chain of unique weapons? Tira’s Ring Blade is something unlike any has seen before in a fighting game. While I appreciate the use of creativity through and through, I never really cared for her fighting style. Perhaps I’m bad with her, but I’ve never really been any good with her, nor does her style feel comfortable to me. But my own incompetence won’t subtract any points overall. I love how you can even change her personality by having her pound her head against her blade to give her a slightly different moveset. It seems Tira is as fun a character for the development team as she is fun to watch go all out.

If I had anything truly negative to say about her, it’s her voice in Soul Calibur IV. Fuck her voice. I’m also not a huge fan of her poofy-green appearance in Soul Calibur III, but that’s not anything concrete.

#7: Yoshimitsu


I’m really beating this whole “creativity personality” thing to death, huh?

Allow me to clarify something for hardcore Soul series fans before we continue: I’m referring to Yoshimitsu before Soul Calibur V, as those who are aware know that the Yoshimitsu in that game is a different person than the Yoshimitsu in previous titles. Sure, they share the same name, personality, voice, fighting style, and are essentially clones of one another aside from slightly different heights and weights, but that’s just a cop-out.

This fanatical character is basically the Robin Hood of the Soul series. He has a heart of gold and a resolute pride unmatched by anyone. He tends to the weak and the poor while carrying out his mission to eradicate all evil from existence. But fear not, shounen-loathers! His personality is anything but the standard angsty speeches and barren social skills. His knowledge is overwhelming and his demeanor is wacky and mirthful. Many a quotable line beckons from his concealed lips, and his upbeat, offbeat voice is one that can sooth the innards of any foul temperament.

His fighting style is also a charming crusade. Not only does he arm himself with a katana, but he even attacks with the short flag and pole planted on his back. He even uses it as a flotation device. Something more absurd, you ask? Well, why not use your blade as a pogo stick? With Yoshimitsu, anything is possible. Perhaps you’re feeling guilty over your own wrongdoing. That’s okay! Yoshimitsu can stab himself in the chest! That’s right, Yoshimitsu has a move where he stabs himself in the chest, having the blade stick out of his back to inflict massive damage to the opponent. All this and more to behold upon the fighting style of the blade called… “Yoshimitsu.”

Namu, namu, namu, namu, namu, namu!

#6: Kilik


A man with a harrowing past and an inner struggle with evil, Kilik is one of the more “normal” characters in the Soul series universe. However, what he lacks in wackiness, he makes up for in resolve and the pursuit of peace. His life is a constant struggle to maintain, as the residue of Soul Edge powdered his conscience and controls him to do his bidding. Only the sacred mirror, Dvapara-Yuga, can ease him into his own state of mind.

His beginnings are similar to that of Siegfried: he had unintentionally killed one of his precious family members, and because of it, holds himself accountable and desires to atone for his misdeeds. While Siegfried becomes the poster child for all that is good and just later on, Kilik quietly has been doing so on the side, even aiding Xianghua in defeating Nightmare in Soul Calibur. His selfless nature and almost spiritual presence has made Kilik one of the more intriguing “normal” characters amongst the roster.

His training under Edge Master allows him to control his evil energy and become stronger with his ambitions. By the end of Soul Calibur IV, he sacrifices every desire within himself to become the protector of all he cherishes. He does this by warding off evil in solitude, away from everyone and everything, so that he doesn’t have to get anyone involved. With this, he takes on the role of the new Edge Master by Soul Calibur V. It’s a bittersweet progression for a troubled hero, but one that I feel is appropriate for someone of his conditioning.

Kilik has always stood out to me, ever since my first time playing Soul Calibur II. His rather pessimistic, but altogether pure intentions have given me a sense that there’s a lot underneath his skin. Not to mention, his fighting style is rather user-friendly, I think… not to mention cheap when exploitable. He’s also one of the more quotable characters from the game, humorously or not. I often mishear the things he says, giving me hilarious memories of exclaiming, “Cats! Cats! Hey-yah!” or “S’alright!”

A memorable character on his own, while also humorously so in my own mind, Kilik is another mainstay of the series that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, appearing in every major title after Soul Edge.

#5: Astaroth


Again, I’d like to clarify that this entry is Astaroth from before Soul Calibur V, as the entity that appears in that game is one of an army of clones created after the original Astaroth’s death at the hands of Maxi.

Astaroth, like Voldo and Tira, tends to fit into the category of “evil lackey” from time to time. However, it’s been shown on numerous occasions that Astaroth is a being of his own accord, who is simply waiting for the opportunity to provide himself with more power than he can imagine. His thirst for power and souls is his calling card, and damn any worm or cur who dares to stop him.

His portrayal in Soul Calibur II is the form I cherish most notably, as I’m sure many would agree. While his dark attitude and lust for power translates into future games, his appearance and voice are by far the most delectable in Soul Calibur II. In future games, he tends to become more outright monstrous, eventually evolving into a… stone golem… bird… thing… that I don’t really care for. It is his human form, complete with pupil-less eyes and a heart beating out of his chest that clamors the most appreciation from me.

His voice is also perfect for him in SC: II. The raspy, yet dreadfully sinister and low tone of his booming voice rolls off the ears like Whitney’s Miltank. His future cackling pales in comparison to his previous portrayal, not to mention his dialogue in future games becomes entirely too tryhard. Oh, J. S. Gilbert. How I miss you so.

Although a tad one-dimensional character-wise, Astaroth’s aesthetics make him one of the more, dare I say, “badass” characters in the Soul series. What can I say? He just looks, sounds, and plays ferociously savage, and it’s fantastic.

#4: Taki


If not Ivy, this may be the single-most well known female character in the Soul series. Y’know how everyone loves ninjas? How do you think people would react to a female ninja with large breasts? Positively? Yeah, I’d think so, too.

Taki’s outlook on life is similar to that of Yoshimitsu: her goal is to destroy any and all evil from the world. The only difference between them is their demeanor. While Yoshimitsu is kooky and spontaneous, Taki has a stern, no-nonsense personality that makes her as deadly as she is lovely. However, like most with a basic sense of justice, she has a caring and empathetic heart, one that shows through throughout the Soul series’ story.  Taki’s character is one I can get behind and one of the more appealing storylines in my mind. One of good intentions, but with antihero-like attitude or behavior.

Taki is my favorite female character to play as. Her fighting style is quick and merciless, much akin to her line of work. Many a created character I made in Soul Calibur IV and V were based on Taki’s moveset. I suppose that decisiveness with every minor swing is appealing through her own character, much more than just arbitrary attacks. I enjoy the speed and the dexterity of her actions, while also feeling the weight of every skillful swing. Hell, I even somewhat admire Natsu for this, even if she’s just a glorified clone character.

It’s really unfortunate that she didn’t appear in Soul Calibur V, however, I expected it based on her age. She had been in every major Soul title up to that point, and with going on 46 years of age, I’m not sure her body would be able to handle that same agility she had before. At least we have Natsu though, right?


#3: Talim


When comprising this list, this took me completely by surprise. I would have told you yesterday that my favorite female character in the Soul series was Taki (Oops, spoiler). However, as I pondered it more and more, there’s really something about Talim that gets to me. I don’t know if it’s her optimistic and pure-hearted nature, her youth, or her looks, but Talim has a strange essence wrapped around my mind. There’s something about her that even I can’t explain, that makes me like her a lot.

Fun fact: according to a poll organized by the Soul Calibur Facebook page, Talim ended up getting the most votes by the end. I predict this was simply out of spite that she wasn’t in Soul Calibur V, despite her being only 32 by its timeframe, but it could also show how much Talim’s impact left the fans. I’m not alone in thinking she’s strangely attractive.

What makes it all the more alarming is that, as a character, she isn’t really all that interesting. She’s the “Mother Theresa” archetype who does everything for the sake of others and is kind-hearted beyond her years. She doesn’t care to fight, but does when all others options are exhausted, and she even has a spiritual guidance, in the form of WIND. This dependence on WIND is also an important part of her character, as she spouts the word WIND constantly throughout her dialogue. Whether she’s using it to her advantage or letting it blow her wherever it may choose, Talim’s obsession with WIND is sure to provoke some more than others.

Focusing solely on her physical make-up, she’s small and young, being the shortest and the youngest character (prior to SC: V) character within the game (aside from perhaps Amy). Perhaps the paternal instincts in me and fans everywhere root for her like one would root for the innocence of an infant trying to walk. Perhaps her compactness and perceived naivety is considered “moe” to many. While I find her design appealing and definitely find her to be cute, I don’t think I’d fit her into that category. I suppose she’s considered doll-like in stature. Weebs love that shit, right?

There’s also the perception that she has a romantic interest in one Yun-seong. I know fans are into romance as much as I’m into femme fatales, but could that translate into individual fans of her, herself, and not for the exploitation of “shipping” her with others? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure of what I’m writing anymore, clearly. Bottom line, I really like Talim. A lot. And I’m not really sure why myself. She’s cute, I guess. And her WIND mantra makes her an easy target of insult. Ho-hum.

#2: Nightmare


Final clarification for this countdown: the Nightmare I am including on this list is the Nightmare from Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II. The Nightmare that has Siegfried held hostage inside the azure armor, being controlled by the might of Soul Edge.

And yes, it is a very predictable choice.

While characters such as Ivy, Taki, and Voldo may be recognizable faces of the Soul franchise, Nightmare is the franchise. Look at the logo for Project Soul up at the top of this page. Who is that pictured there? Nightmare. He (or occasionally it) is the most recognizable and single-most important antagonist to each Soul game aside from Soul Edge. By the way, do you know which rendition of Nightmare the Project Soul logo has? Soul Calibur II. Y’know which Nightmare portrayal is my favorite? The one from Soul Calibur II. His impact left quite the mark.

The way he looks, feels, sounds, behaves; everything about his portrayal in SC: II is perfect. It is, again, the image that most fans think of whenever they think of the Soul series. While future renditions of Nightmare are nothing to scoff at (except SC: V, which I personally loathe), I feel the controlled and ominous appearance of Nightmare in I and II becomes more impactful than the outright malfested mess of chaos it ends up becoming. Not to mention, with Siegfried as a host, the continued struggle for control and the manipulation of the sins that he had once committed, this Nightmare becomes a lot more intriguing based on an innate unpredictability and a symbol of his war against himself.

Nightmare’s fighting style is my favorite to control, in SC: II in particular. I love the power behind every attack, and the onslaught he’s capable of with moves that terrorize the opponent. And his screams only suit the mood, ranging between heartless abandon and controlled agony. Nightmare’s voice is, dare I admit, orgasmic. I personally love his only line with his Destined Battle against Raphael: “You conceited, wretched human!” His unfiltered outrage and energy behind every threat, every aggressive bark, suits his appearance greatly and makes for, well, a nightmare.

His impact is unquestionable, but I feel the Nightmare playing host to Siegfried provides an ultimately more intriguing kind of monster: the monster inside us all. As I said before, everything about him is perfect in SC: II, but they soon put him inside a swarm of chaos that, while still awesome to behold, doesn’t have the same intrigue as once present. Nostalgia may also be highly present in my deciding of this, but nevertheless, Nightmare is one of my favorite characters in the Soul series, and he’d be the favorite, if not for—

#1: Mitsurugi



Yes, my favorite character in the entirety of the Soul series is a swordsman thirsty for a challenge. My fondness for the Japanese swordsman has not gone unnoticed by Project Soul, as he holds the distinction of being a playable character in every game in the Soul series. That’s quite the feat.

What can I say about Mitsurugi that isn’t already common knowledge? He’s popular, he’s respected, he’s fun to play as, he looks awesome; he is awesome. His fighting style, if not for Nightmare’s/Siegfriend’s, would be my favorite fighting style to play with. His cocky, albeit humorous demeanor makes him an immensely likable character. There’s something almost satirical in how he involves himself in every Soul series game. He goes up to random people, strong or otherwise perceived to be, and challenges them to duels. Seeing as he’s still searching for a challenge up to this point, he seems to have won every one, which has garnered him some enemies, one of which being Setsuka.

He also seems to have gotten a rival in Taki, who prevents him from ever coming close to Soul Edge. To this day, Mitsurugi has never successfully come across Soul Edge in any canon storyline, which I find hilarious for one so prevalent and so popular within the franchise. Taki must work wonders. Also, color me slanderous, but I had thought at one point that Taki and Mitsurugi were an implied item. However, reading more into it, Taki doesn’t seem to come up much in Mitsurugi’s story, and vice versa. It seems odd to label her a rival even though they don’t encounter one another very often, or so it seems.

In any case, Mitsurugi has everything one could possibly want in a character: personality, motivation, physical appeal, and an unending quest to strive for. While he may seem plain on the surface, Mitsurugi is a character who is respected even by the game designers, as he’s constantly regarded as one of the strongest warriors in the game. This is evidenced by his duel with Algol, the supposed Hero King, the one man able to resist Soul Edge’s influence, in which he almost won. Aside from all that, he’s just another character who seems to be consistently great in every game he’s a part of. I like him quite a bit, as I’m sure many do. That’s why he’s my favorite character in the Soul series.