Day Twenty-Four: The Sandlot (MotM 2020)

the sandlot cover

Ignorance is bliss. I have been cursed with the knowledge that a large majority of films are problematic in some capacity and now I cannot stop seeing it. Combined with my already far-left leanings, it’s become difficult to ascertain my feelings towards this film, which had made up a large portion of my childhood. Continue reading “Day Twenty-Four: The Sandlot (MotM 2020)”

Day Twelve: Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (MotM 2020)

back and forth cover

If you were to ask me what my favorite band was a decade ago, I would reply, “The Foo Fighters” without hesitation. If you were to ask me what my favorite band is now, I would reply, “The Foo Fighters” with a little hesitation. In the past, I was comfortable with what I knew, and what I knew were bands like the Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Rise Against, Queen; among others. It took time for me to look past the mainstream and peer into the little crevices that make up the musical medium, and since then I’ve realized that the Foo Fighters are… lacking in various departments. Even so, when I want to indulge in pure passion and adrenaline-filled loudness, they’re typically my band of choice, whether by reason of nostalgia or a genuine appreciation for their craft. Continue reading “Day Twelve: Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (MotM 2020)”

Day Ten: Fired Up! (MotM 2020)


It’s been talked about a few times leading up to this post: that sort of essence of quality that I saw in my younger days. There was a reason I liked these movies at one point in time, if only for how easy it was to digest them. Generally, these re-watches have all been drastic positive-to-negative shifts, with my current self nowhere near as keen on the juvenile and occasionally offensive material these not-quite-current-age comedies provide. I expected much of the same with Fired Up!, and to my utter surprise, it wasn’t that terrible! Continue reading “Day Ten: Fired Up! (MotM 2020)”