Day Two: The Green Hornet (MotM 2020)

green hornet cover

There are a large number of ways I could start this review.

  1. “Hey, I used to really like Seth Rogen for some reason. He played a large part in why I bothered with this in the first place.”
  2. “Hey, just wanted to clarify that I’m actually not that fond of superhero films. Ever since the Marvel takeover in cinema (Scorsese forgive me) circa late-2000’s, they’ve just gotten boring to me.”
  3. “Hey, despite the previous point, I’ve actually seen and kind of cherish various superhero films I’ve seen during my younger days, such as The Incredibles and the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. Despite this, I don’t care for, not have I ever cared for, comic books or the heroic topics that typically define the medium.

Instead, I’ve decided to start with this: I watched this around the time of its DVD release and gave it a barely-passing grade. Now, to my utter shock, I watched it and gave it a below-passing grade. All above things considered, however, it could have been worse, so it has that going for it. Continue reading “Day Two: The Green Hornet (MotM 2020)”