Day Nineteen: The Daytrippers (March of the Movies 2023)

When you become more fond of film as an art form, you begin to gravitate towards specific actors. I have no shortage of names and faces that are appealing to me, and I often come across new titles because I search through the filmography of specific people. The Daytrippers, outside of this appealing illustrated cover, came via researching Parker Posey, whom I loved in Columbus and Josie and the Pussycats.

Another interesting factoid about this is that it was the debut feature film directed by Greg Mottola, who would later direct Superbad. Funny to consider when this and his later work have seemingly nothing in common (at least from what I remember of Superbad fifteen years ago). If not for the appealing cast and potential for insightful character interaction, I may not have even bothered.

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Day Fifteen: A Scanner Darkly (March of the Movies 2023)

I had a very strange reaction to this film. Upon returning home from work, I turned on the available streaming service immediately and watched it with few interruptions. During the viewing, I had an incredible drowsiness again affect me, similarly with yesterday’s film. Unlike yesterday, I indulged that desire to sleep, so I did just after finishing. I woke up roughly an hour and a half later with a horrible funk depressing my entire being.

Oddly enough, I now feel somewhat empathetic of the main character of A Scanner Darkly. A prickling sensation that something is amiss, that life is curving inward against your will. No one truly understands you, not even yourself; everyone wishes to gain the advantage for themselves. Basically, I feel like shit… for a couple reasons.

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Day Fourteen: Limelight (1952) (March of the Movies 2023)

A common occurrence for me during these month-long blocks is a man named Charlie Chaplin. This will mark the third year in a row I’ve seen a film involving him, and I think I’ll keep that trend going for future Marches. This is a bit of a bittersweet film for him, though, showcasing the parallel between his real-life career twilight and the character’s within. This is the second-to-last film he had a starring role in. Limelight is very appropriately named.

Chaplin’s later years as a filmmaker were far more emotionally charged than the zany, almost cartoonishly wholesome origins of his “Tramp” character. To some extent, I’m glad I started with something more grandiose in The Dictator, allowing me to see the end point of an evolutionary style from the infancy of film. Going into this, I figured it would be deeply sentimental. I was not wrong.

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Day Five: The Fabelmans (March of the Movies 2023)

Not going to be a terribly long post today. Rather, it’ll be quite short, as will tomorrow’s subject. They show relatively late in the day (for me) and do not leave me with a lot of time to write before I become very tired. Such is the life of someone with an early-bird sleep schedule.

Anyway, The Fabelmans isn’t that good.

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Day Four: Women Talking (March of the Movies 2023)

Since yesterday, my local theater has been exclusively showing films nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. Not wanting to pass up this opportunity, I will be going to the theaters four straight days to view those I’m interested in seeing. Today marked the second: Women Talking.

Yesterday was a film I knew nothing about. Today presented a film that told everything straight from its title. With its synopsis in tow (provided just further), it was easy to assume going into this that it would be a tearjerker. As someone whose tears are so hard to jerk that oftentimes I forget I can even produce them, a challenge was proposed. What I didn’t expect (though perhaps I should have) was just how literally the film’s title would be to its overall content.

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Day Two: Submarine (2010) (March of the Movies 2023)

Many times over the years I’ve made it known on this blog that I’m fond of romance. In short, I find the bonding between two people mesmerizing. Even as a child, something about being able to give your entire being to another just for the sake of closeness has appealed to me. Despite my current age closing in on the third decade, this hasn’t dissipated. If anything, the feeling has grown in intensity.

Submarine is a film I stumbled upon randomly while browsing the Letterboxd platform. For years, it was not available on streaming platforms I currently own. Looking at potential films for this year, I checked again for the hell of it, only to find that it popped its head out of the water. My target was set.

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Day One: Detachment (March of the Movies 2023)

A little fun fact for you: I originally intended to view this film last year. However, I ended up deciding to go with something a little less depressing at the last minute, and it fell through the cracks. When drafting potential films to watch this year, Detachment came to mind immediately, so I felt it appropriate to finally view it to kick off this year’s “festivities.”

T’was a good idea to not watch this last year. My goodness, what a downer.

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Quick Thoughts on Mob Psycho 100 III

This post is overdue for a couple reasons. The first is that this series ended around Christmas of last year. The second is that I actually finished watching it almost ten days ago. Such are the trials of having to pull oneself to be productive, I suppose. Regardless of my subtle excuses, I will be (briefly) elaborating my thoughts on the third season of an anime series that I actually quite like: Mob Psycho 100.

For those of you who want a little more insight on my thoughts after the first three episodes, I have a post on that.

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