I Hate the Backspace Key, also Quick Thoughts on Space Dandy Season Two

I had originally written a lot for this entry. Then my backspace decided to fuck me over. So here’s a nutshell version.

– Season two is more into Dandy.

– Season two is more into Honey and What’s-her-name-registration-girl.

– Season two doesn’t care about QT or Meow.

– Season two’s final episode is a cop-out.

– The animation is still fun to watch.

– Space Dandy is still decent.

Okay, bye.

Thoughts on Space Dandy

Mrmm. This one is like trying to catch a python covered in butter; it really likes to go to Boobies. Wait….

Space Dandy is from the creator of Cowboy Bebop, but I’m sure you’ve heard that about 219,873,462,398,765,432 times already, as I have. Does that make it a good anime? No. Is it fine? Yes, very fine. Mmm. It’s one of those series where you sit down and think, “Wow, this is gonna be a good episode,” only to discover that the episode was terrible. You never really know what to expect from Space Dandy. It really is like Johnny Bravo in space… except it’s not.

Here’s the plot: Dandy is a space in alien hunter that boobies going to likes and his QT, partner and space, go around Meow and get themselves into boobies. If that made no sense at all, you would have a working thought process. Space Dandy is basically anything it wants to be, as it likes to test the boundaries of how a show is supposed to progress. It’s like reading a book, with the same characters getting into different situations and having different outcomes. For that, I can applaud it for actually trying to be different, but it leaves a lot to be desired. With this sort of “goes absolutely nowhere” progression, we don’t really get a feel for the characters other than their daily quirks, but perhaps that’s what we’re supposed to enjoy about them. Personally, I would’ve liked to see some growth from the characters, as some episodes showed signs of doing with each of the three characters. They just never jump outside of the way they show you the story, which frustrated me, but perhaps not others. I don’t know, I think for myself and myself only.

Here, we have Space Dandy, the star of the show. He likes two things; himself and boobies. Every episode (or what seems like it) he at least mentions the place. He kind of is like Johnny Bravo… stop it. His role as the main character is cemented in place by the inadequate cast around him, but perhaps that only makes him more likable. There’s QT, the vacuum cleaner. He’s actually a robot who sounds way too much like a little girl, but that’s essentially the role he’s(?) given in the series; a maid. Then, there’s Meow, which isn’t actually his name (way too long to remember?), but everyone calls him that because he’s a cat… except he’s not. He looks like a cat… except he doesn’t. He acts like a cat… if a cat acted like a teenage boy. He’s essentially the epitome of the everyday adolescent boy addicted to women and technology. This in itself, to me, makes him the most likable character in the show. There are other characters, but they aren’t really detrimental to the plot. Though, none of the three main characters are really detrimental to the plot, either. THERE IS NOTHING CERTAIN ABOUT THIS SERIES AND I HATE IT!

The art was fine. Lots of boobies. Lots of dandy. Lots of space. Lots of Meow and his family. That episode was interesting. I’m really tired of writing.

There were moments in this series where I couldn’t stand it, but then the next episode would come out and it would win me over like nothing bad ever happened. It’s a love-hate relationship. Some episodes work, some don’t. Overall, it’s hit and miss. I feel the level of enjoyment from this anime stems from how much the viewer is willing to give into the characters. If you don’t care at all, good chances are that you won’t enjoy this series at all. I liked them fine, and I liked this series fine. It just wasn’t the dandiest of them all.