Thoughts on Cool Doji Danshi

“Trendiness” is something I’ve historically been very hostile towards. If I sniff any such odor that may linger about a new anime series, I turn up my nose and skitter back into my cave. Things have changed since then… at least to some degree, and I’m willing to indulge in these varyingly creative works that have been inspired by those before. That, and any anime with “Cool” in the title has a better chance of acquiring my attention.

Cool Doji Danshi, or Play It Cool, Guys, may not necessarily be derived from a specific piece of fiction, yet its existence lends itself to a very particular group of humanity. A bunch of goofballs who also happen to be very attractive, which only accentuates how lovely their presence is to others. It’d be easy to simply use this as a crutch for the whole of the series. Fortunately, these guys’ level of “cool” rises to the level necessary to give the story worth. Usually.

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