Entry #14: Criminale! (SoM 2018)

criminale 4

This is a cautionary tale when it comes to the thing I most desire with great executions of really stupid concepts. Take Miman Renai, one of my favorite manga only for the sake of its expressive and overly-optimistic tone. It was a really stupid and potentially problematic story between a near-thirty gal game producer and a naively pure middle school girl. What it managed to create was an atmosphere that made it obvious from the start that it was stupid and shouldn’t be taken too seriously (though also struggled with maintaining it; more on this soon). Reality kicked in, which was better suited for a tale involved in reality, whereas Criminale! is so absurdly stupid in both setting and the reality it presents that I cannot for the life of me think of why it decided to ever take itself seriously. The final battle arrives, a boss that has taken down likely hundreds of stories that start off as something zany and fun: The “S” word. Seriousness. Continue reading “Entry #14: Criminale! (SoM 2018)”