I’ve Been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award


Thanks to Yahari Bento for drafting me first overall in the third round of their Sunshine Blogger Award draft. I’ll do everything I can to make coach Bento proud and better the team with my powerful sunshine. Bento has a lot of analyses on their blog as well as a lot of award nominations. If they’ve been nominated that many times, they’re sure to have some quality content, so go check them out.


  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  4. Summon Nominate 11 bloggers from the magic circle and write then 11 new questions.

(I just copied the rules from his post. I will go along with said summoning.)


1. Your favorite anime series/movie in this year?

Assuming it doesn’t abandon ship by its end, Flip Flappers. If not, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge.

2. You are aniblogger, but do you play games too or not?

I play plenty of games, and normally post reviews of various games on my blog. My preferences for genre are side-scrolling puzzle/action games (a la WayForward), turn-based RPGs, and platformers.

3. Which main characters from which anime do you want to descend from anime world to the where in front of you?

I wouldn’t mind TK from Angel Beats! to descend into my world. He seems like a cool cat.

4. While you are playing internet, what do you like to eat while do that?

Oooooh, no. I don’t normally like eating while on my laptop. If I do, though, it’s usually snack food. Fruit snacks or nuts or something small.

5. Characters you worship/like/love in the latest, will be the one we call “the best/final girl/boy” or not? And that person is…

I… think I understand the question. We will all bow down to Togame and her wisdom. Cheerio!

6. If this world will not produce any anime anymore, you will…

Praise the high heavens that I no longer have to sink years of my life into an art form that I barely care for!!! Seriously though, move on with my life.

7. Do you ever were caught by your parents when you watch/read anime/manga too much? And how do you FEEL when they/he/she are/is in front of your door?

My mother is aware of my anime-consuming habits, as are my siblings. They tease me for “watching too much,” but it’s more just playful bickering than anything serious. It’s a comfortable environment. Also, I watch anime out in the open (laptop and all), so I don’t technically have a “door” in this situation.

8. When you are reading manga/LN, will you lie down and read them like Gi*nt in Dor*em@n or not?

Once again, laptop (I barely own any physical manga copies). I’m more of a sit-down reader, so I only lay down if I’m on my bed and sitting grows tiresome on my bum.

9. Right now, are you sleepy, aren’t you?

Just woke up an hour ago, dude. Muy bueno.

10. It’s not like I’m worried about you, but you are tired answer my questions, aren’t you? (My instinct tells me to run, now!)

No worries! I enjoy the questions.

11. Congratulations! You reach the last question. So if I want you to wave your hand in front of your computer/phone screen, can you do that? Fub! (…There was a power cut in my house.)

I can, but how will you know I have? Will you trust me, coach? My sunshine and all?


Once again, not going to nominate eleven people, as I barely even follow eleven people. I’ll just choose three different bloggers from last time I want to highlight.

  1. AniMonologues: A fairly new follow of mine, they discuss anime in-depth as well as animated films (or just films) in general. They have a well-written style of writing that keeps me intrigued and have a lot of bite to their critiquing style, which is sure to sway me in. They don’t post often, but it’s a better day for me when they do.
  2. PlainPasta: New to the blogging world, PlainPasta writes her thoughts on anime and certain ongoing series. She also has a tendency to pick up series most wouldn’t care to, such as gdgd Fairies and Sekkou Boys. She has a writing style that’s almost bizarrely entertaining, combining an innocent enthusiasm with unemotional objectivity. Definitely worth checking out. Also a hoot on Twitter.
  3. Nichi-chan: I was drawn to N-chan’s blog after a post about how Welcome to the NHK! served as a grim reminder for his lifestyle at the time. His writing technique is wonderful and horribly captivating, adding a sentimental edge to his formulated technique. His usual mantra is episodic thoughts, but will on occasion post the single thought piece or anime review. A great blog to check out.

And as for the questions, I’ll try to keep them swift and painless.

  1. How are you today?
  2. What is your favorite genre of music?
  3. Do you have any pets? If not, why do you hate animals to the point where you wouldn’t consider adopting one?
  4. Have you ever tried to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop just by licking?
  5. If anime became more widespread in its popularity, much in the sense that video games have in the last ten years or so, what anime do you think would take the crown as the general public’s favorite?
  6. Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon? Or Stardew Valley? Or anything like them?
  7. Finances aside, would you rather travel by plane, train, or boat?
  8. Do you think the “Eww, gross! Weeaboo!” stigma of anime and manga would translate to that of a standard light novel enthusiast?
  9. Watch any sports?
  10. What is a story you’d like to see adapted into anime form? (Whether it be from a novel, movie, video game, or otherwise.)
  11. Average hours of sleep you get in a night?

Thanks again to coach Bento for believing in my shininess and I hope to make the world proud. Thank you all.