Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to SasugaReina

2023 has reared itself. It’s been over two years since Twitch had become so ingrained in my life that I essentially called it a second home. As with most things, time has a way of dulling the sensation of discovery. Attending streams wasn’t what it used to be. Even so, I’ll still hop into random places so long as the game is agreeable. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is pretty agreeable enough.

For some time, what would have me gravitate to someone’s stream is their profile icon and title legibility. Now, I just want to tune into a stream that looks “interesting.” By that I mean not “some person playing a video game.” It’s no coincidence that the last shout-out post was that of a Vtuber, just like the person attributed to this post. Sometimes you just want to look at something a little more fantastic, though it helps when they have a kind persona to go along with it.

Introducing SasugaReina. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

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Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to NekoLuce

We’ve come back to the Twitch-related shoutout posts. After some time where the streaming platform became somewhat sterile for me, I decided to hop into a classic source of entertainment: someone playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It has a pretty good success rate.

In this case, the player of said game was, in his words, “just a little guy.” A bouncy PNG of a cute femboy catto with a very fragile voice. The kind of aura that would imply that you’ve stepped into the bedroom of a hardcore introvert. Fascinated, I chose to stick around after a comforting first visit. Little did either of us know where that first meeting would take us.

Introducing NekoLuce. (← Link to his Twitch channel.)

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Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to lunriilu

As a short precursor, my past experience with this particular streamer came when they were streaming under a different name. Shortly before Autumn this year, she decided to completely revamp her entire channel to become a Vtuber, deleting all of her past clips, broadcasts, and anything else that may reveal her physical appearance. Going forward, I will detail my experiences primarily with their prior identity, but note that such is no longer the case, at least in appearance.

Earlier in the year, I played quite a bit of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I quite liked the game, considering it among my favorites, if not the favorite of mine from the franchise. As such, I lingered within the game category on Twitch, finding anyone that could provide some fun background noise with it. I ended up finding that and quite a bit more.

Introducing (now known as) lunriilu. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

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Thoughts on Overbowed (Steam Next Fest 2022 Demo)

Okay, I’ll admit it. You’ve shaken it out of me. Sometimes games just appeal to me because they look and sound really cool. But c’mon! It’s a visual medium. We look with our eyes and interpret potential with them. If something clicks with us based on aesthetic pleasure, why fight it? Overbowed was one such case—the simple, cartoon-y pixels, the chiptune beats, and the smooth green color palette. Gameplay was just set dressing to the love I developed within seconds.

Quick structure disclaimer: Given this (and all the others) is only a demo, I won’t be too in-depth with my coverage, and will only reflect on the good and the bad. No overly long personal history or filibuster. No nonsense. That said, I will provide a synopsis for the game below.

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Updated Thoughts on Prodigal

I should specify that the “Updated” in the title is due to already having a Prodigal review published on another website. This post will cover all that the linked review did not, which includes content added since the game’s release in late 2020.

Let me also specify that my thoughts / opinions on this title are not influenced by my good standing with the team behind it. My goal is to be as objective as possible, regardless of whether or not I have an NPC modeled after me in-game.

Now, some close to me are already aware that I enjoy Prodigal quite a bit. It was my Game of the Year in 2020 and is currently my fourth-most played game on Steam in terms of total playtime. Discovered by complete chance, the impact it’s had on my life is a rarity that I try not to take for granted. Games that fit your preferences almost effortlessly well do not come along often.

Quite a bit of content has been added since my initial review—which, until this past week, I had never gotten around to playing. Extended story elements, lots of postgame content, and menacingly difficult challenges make up most of what’s now on offer. At this point, Prodigal feels truly complete. Did it carve out a fate worth diving into?

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