Writer’s Block Takes Hold – An Update


Five days after I acknowledged that I’ve become somewhat disheartened with the quality of my recent posts (a few have been good, a few others not so much), I’ve come to conclude that some days I’m literally forcing things out prematurely. This whole “publish things daily’ was a great challenge for some time, but in my current juncture of life, my motivation has dulled to the preference of other activities. Basically, I’ve run out of solid ideas that I want to write, instead opting to write for the sake of it, which is no bueno. Continue reading “Writer’s Block Takes Hold – An Update”

Commencing the 2019 March of the Movies

For those unaware, two years ago I started an annual tradition called March of the Movies, where I watch a film every day for the month of March and write reviews for them on the blog for people to peruse. The premise will be the same as it was last year: I watch a film at any part of a particular day and will release some sort of review, whether fully detailed or comically short, in that same specific day. I promise to kick myself into writing them far before 11:59 P.M.

As a bit of a preview for what’s to come (time-wise), expect movies and reviews to be done earlier in the day on weekdays and fairly late in the day on weekends. There will be some Saturdays, specifically, where reviews won’t be too long, just so I can get out a post for that day’s film on time. All of this is with the expectation that my irl job will continue giving me the typical shifts.

Since the blog has moved to include every interest of mine as a topic for posts, I will not try and squeeze in any anime films, as I did years prior, to suit the interests of my major audience. This isn’t to say I won’t watch any anime films, as I still like anime (believe it or not), but they likely won’t be as prevalent as in the last two years of this event.

I don’t have any special plans to give this year’s March any spice compared to the other years. I’m just gonna go ahead and do it normally. I’ll pick a movie and I’ll review it. I hope to see you here in the next thirty-one days!

(For those interested, I also have an archive for past and present films included in this event.)

Asserting My Writing Efficiency – A Poorly-Veiled Blog Update


To those who have been visiting the blog on a semi-regular basis, you may have noticed that it’s seen some changes in the past couple weeks. The layout has changed to feel more modern (which means more bold) and the content has become more varied in type, both from a topical standpoint and a medium standpoint. I’ve finally found a groove in which this blog can finally be about a place for visual media (and football) and not just anime, which is something I’m immensely fond of. On top of that, the content has been rolling in at a rate unheard of for this blog outside of my annual March of the Movies block (the next of which is coming soon). I wanted to take the time to address these sudden changes. Continue reading “Asserting My Writing Efficiency – A Poorly-Veiled Blog Update”

A Small and Inconsequential Blog Update

kiss him not me 2

Just a quick update to detail why posts from my blog have been coming at a somewhat slow pace for the last two months or so. I am currently back in school finishing my Bachelor’s in English and some of the time I spend mentally is either directly or semi-directly attributed to bettering/preparing myself for classes and assignments. Henceforth, the output of my blog may be a little on the slow side; my normal schedule is every two, sometimes three days, but lately it’s been anywhere from three to five days. I think I’m gonna try and keep it within the once-every-four-days category or quicker. So expect my blog to continue, though at a slower rate.

That said, thank you all for the continued support and I’ll be back either tomorrow or Thursday with a post years in the making. Enjoy your time-of-day!