Day Four: Modern Times (March of the Movies 2022)

If not for Godzilla films, what else seems to be a passive tradition when it comes to March of the Movies? Black and white films from the silent era! I’ve seen films starring Charlie Chaplin in (now) three years and one from Buster Keaton in another. These two figures have sort of a soft spot in my heart for whatever reason.

The film for today is considered among Chaplin’s best: Modern Times, an eccentric tale with some pointed criticism at every leftist’s favorite target: capitalism and the struggles of industrialization. Generally, I try not to be too political with topics if it absolutely does not call for it, but the subtext contained here is simply too bursting. And for me, that’s where a lot of it stands out amongst the rest of his work.

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Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to JellyEllieFishes

Around the time of its release, I was looking forward to seeing if New Pokémon Snap would be worth the very long wait. Roughly a week after release, I was basically finished with the game—completing the main campaign and replaying levels aplenty. That did not diminish the interest in watching the game be played, however. All throughout May, Twitch streamers flooded the category with expected enthusiasm.

Around that same timeframe, I was leisurely browsing the category when a colorful Twitch icon caught my eye. Reminiscent of a cozy, intimate style one would find in an indie title featured in a Wholesome Direct presentation, I was immediately enticed to click. Within moments, what greeted me was an auditory onslaught of sweetness and tranquility, the likes I’ve never heard (outside ASMR).

Introducing JellyEllieFishes. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

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